An Unlikely Couple

Ketchup and ginger ale.

Who would have thought these would make such good companions. Not I.

So when my husband came home from work one day and told me that one of his coworkers made a pork roast marinated in nothing but ketchup and ginger ale, I felt sure he had misheard the lady. BUT a quick check of the internet (What did we do before Google?) told me that not only did he hear the lady correctly, but aprox 363,000 other people were on-board with this marriage of beverage and condiments.

So I whisked together 1 cup of each and marinated overnight a 3.5 lb +/- standard pork roast (butt or center cut, not tenderloin although I think that would be yummy but too fancy and lean.) I threw the pork and the marinade into an oven proof dish and into a preheated 375 degree oven.

I couldn’t resist deviating. I added 1 medium onion sliced around the roast for a yummy addition. The whole thing roasted for about 20 mins per pound and needed absolutely no attention. Easy AND delicious!

heading into the oven just out of the oven

… Before                                                                              …After

By the way – It seems the general consensus on the internet is to use this marriage of flavor for meatballs ( think “cocktail style”) and there was also a lot of chatter about beef brisket. Both of which would be delicious!  I personally think this would be absolutely great on pork chops, ham, Kielbasa, hotdogs, grilled chicken, shrimp, cardboard or maybe even a sneaker – it was just that delicious. Also I think this could easily be done in a slow-cooker.

Full Disclosure

Although I like to cook and eat organic, unprocessed and locally grown just as much as the next person – that is really isn’t the focus of my blog. So for the record I just used Heinz and Canada Dry (no diet).

Just keeping it real here in blog-land.

Served up with twice-baked ranch potatoes and balsamic rosemary braised Brussels and carrots!

Served up with twice-baked ranch potatoes and balsamic rosemary braised Brussels and carrots!


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