May 18th marked the 3 year (triennial) Anniversary of Cabinet Stew.

In past anniversaries I posted a special “anniversary edition” blog entry.  See 1st anniversary here and 2nd anniversary here.

In the 1st Anniversary post I was just excited to be here in the blog-o-sphere and “cutie” the cat was my faithful cooking partner. I spoke about my journey to starting the blog and things I have learned along the way.

In the 2nd Anniversary post I showed my love of statistics and of course asked everybody to read a recap of the year before! (not very original!)

This year I decided not to force everybody to read the recap of the first year yet again. I also decided that while the blog statistics might be interesting to me – maybe not everyone wants to read about those again either!


She looks a little cranky because she was waiting for food!

In a sad moment this past year, I also lost my faithful cooking companion of 20 years; “cutie” the cat. She lived a great life, tasting almost everything I cooked. (her favorite food was french fries!)  She is missed but remains the official mascot of the blog. The only bright spot is I have regained the use of the kitchen island as a usable surface instead of dedicating it to a cat perch!

…But don’t be sad! Be glad!

I am. I am extremely glad for all of my now over 50 “not-actually-related-to-me”  followers!

So this year I just thought I would say “Thank You!”

Thanks for coming back more than once! Thanks for signing up to follow me! Thanks for leaving comments and hitting “like!” Thanks for being patient when I leave a post up for few too many days because I got a little busy!

I am looking forward to another year full of cooking and eating – hope you are too!

I think this picture from a few years ago captures me perfectly... as someone who is not afraid to wear the sparkly sunglasses!

I think this picture from a past NYC new year’s eve trip captures me perfectly…as someone who is not afraid to wear the sparkly sunglasses!


2 comments on “Triennial

  1. Karen says:

    Time flies by so quickly…I’m glad you are still having fun with your blog. I know that I always enjoy seeing what my Massachusetts neighbor is up to. 🙂

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