Old Standby

Here in New England, once grilling season starts, dinner means lots of fresh veggies, meats and experimental marinades instead the “same ol’ same” casseroles.

And for me, grilling means putting every possible veggie and meat option on the grill. (Weather permitting, I not very hardcore!) I even put potatoes on the grill!

But one of my “old standbys” is grilled asparagus. Especially good when the bunch you have on hand is on the thick side in terms of stem. (The little thin ones tend to escape between the grates and they are delicious just raw anyway!)

But I am sure I’m not revealing anything new here – everybody puts everything on the grill these days right?

For the record, I rarely never blanch or precook the veggies before the grill – that just seems like too much work and defeats the simplicity of dinner on the grill outside. I like to make it as simple as possible with do-ahead sides!

check out a recent “stand-by” dinner…

Old Standby of grilled chicken tenders, asparagus and strips of sweet red bell pepper served with "make ahead" pasta salad, makes dinner time a cinch!

“old standby” of grilled chicken tenders, asparagus and strips of sweet red bell pepper, served with “make ahead” pasta salad, makes dinner time a cinch!

Grilling Tips

I find that a simple drizzle of oil, salt, pepper and garlic powder adds just enough pizzazz to vegetables. For any meat I enjoy an overnight marinade whenever possible but even a 30 minute bath is better than nothing!

One cooking tip I can offer is to set up “sides” to the grill – as in a “hot” side and a “cooler” side. Also good to put things onto the grill at different times to accommodate for longer or shorter cooking times needed.

I often let the veggies remain wet from the washing so that residual water on them kinda “steams” them at first, before charring a bit – this is good for thicker cut veggies.

Final tip: if you have the grill going anyway – go through the fridge and find anything you can put on the grill. (Some examples would be: miscellaneous veggies, random sausages, yummy steaks, spare chicken parts or even leftover bits of bread for grilled “croutons.”)  I figure I might as well make firing up the grill worth it and leftover grill food makes fantastic lunches, snacks and dinner later in the week. You can even toss the cut up grilled bits into the pasta salad to turn that into a “meal” on its own.

What will your “Old StandBy” end up being?


5 comments on “Old Standby

  1. lulu says:

    I’m with you when it comes to liking all things grilled,maybe because that means the hubby does the cooking!

  2. Karen says:

    Unless it is raining, we grill almost every night when we are at the cottage in Maine. Lamb and asparagus tonight, ribs and potato salad tomorrow.

  3. […] with some “old standbys” like grilled chicken and fresh avocado […]

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