Rubies and Pearls

’round these parts if you mention “pearls” in the context of food, you might be referring to a brand of giant size hot dogs made right here in Massachusetts.

But in this case I am actually referring to “pearl onions” and of course my “rubies” are the little red new potatoes. Both of these went along side a large pork roast that I thought would be fun to cook on a random rainy, overcast Thursday. ( too lazy to pick up something more appropriately sized for 2 people, so out of the freezer came this piece of meat – guess we will be eating leftovers for a while!)

rubies and pearls            ready for the oven

I didn’t bother tying the roast and making it look pretty for presentation, I just seared it in a hot skillet and transferred it to the sheet pan.I did the same with my “rubies and pearls” – I got a little color on them (and coated them with a little oil/fat/seasoning by doing this) before putting them alongside the roast on the sheet pan. I threw a couple garlic cloves on too for fun.


hmm… where did that green veggie go anyway?

Everything went into a hot (400 degrees) oven for 20 mins a lb. If you think the veggies are getting overdone before the roast is finished just scoop them out and keep them warm somewhere till time to serve. serve with a pan sauce made from the drippings of the pan you seared it in and a little apple juice. Also great to serve a little apple sauce and a green veggie on the side!

Production notes

I brined the roast during the day in “seasoned salt” water with coriander seed and bay leaf. Then I rinsed and dried it before coating very liberally with ground cumin and some black pepper.


4 comments on “Rubies and Pearls

  1. I’m not a pork person, but those rubies and pearls look beautiful!

  2. Karen says:

    A nice meal. Brining is such a good idea for pork to keep it juicy.

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