An Evening on The Marsh

Author’s note: Sorry I have been slow about new postings but have just emerged from summer session final projects. So will now be able to resume my usual pace of cooking and eating. Stay tuned for lots of new posts!

Recently I took a little time out of my summer semester at grad school to attend a 50th birthday party of a friend and colleague. It was my first time over to her house and what a spot she has!

daily sunsets such as these! Can you even imagine!

view from the edge of the backyard – daily sunsets such as these! Can you even imagine!

She is perched right on the edge of Boston, just 10 mins from a local “T” station. (that’s subway for the rest of you folks) But a world’s away in atmosphere.

I always love a party for the obvious reasons, but I secretly really love the food and drink the best!

She not only had great food but great style AND bravery.

First the style: Sangria!




no plastic ware for her, just really gorgeous fruit with some great Spanish wine ( choice of red/white sangria) and you topped it off with a flavored or non-flavored fizzy of your choosing.

Second the Bravery: Paella


Brave because she cooked this BEAUTIFUL pan of paella on her outdoor fire pit. I could never trust my fire-skills with a such a dish. You can’t tell from this photo but this pan was about 24-30″ across! It took 2 guys to get it on and off the fire. And she even offered up a second pan with a vegetarian version.

Of course there were other yummy things to eat and fine folks brought other offerings. The mango salsa was to die for! So simple and yet delicious! But the paella simply stole the show!

So the moral of the story is anyone can have style but “BE BRAVE!” at your next party! ( oh and be sure to swap recipes!)


early in the party


4 comments on “An Evening on The Marsh

  1. We’re lucky to live in the country, and we cook paella over the fire pit, too. It’s a real treat!

  2. Karen says:

    What a nice sounding party. Don’t let paella frighten you. If you need a simple recipe, I did a post last August for one that I make when we have guests at the lake.

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