Retirement Day

In reviewing my blogs post since I started (May 2010!) it seems I have only written about the Super Bowl twice!! As an avid football fan and foodie it seems that I would have written about Super Bowl food more than twice in 8 years!

In reviewing the posts I had to chuckle at my 2016 (Denver Broncos win over the Carolina Panthers with the now-retired Payton Manning at the helm) because I was commenting on how we need to get this guy his last Super Bowl ring and let him get on with retirement! Funny enough that is what many people are saying about today’s Super Bowl and Tom Brady! What comes around, goes around I guess!

Below is my original posting from that 2016 Super Bowl! (and an easy stuffed pepper recipe!)


Cabinet Stew

or as some might call it … Superbowl Sunday.

I call it Retirement Day because I am hoping a certain quarterback has enough sense to make this his last game. As a Patriots fan I think it’s better to get this guy his last ring and get him outta here.  So that is why today I root for the arch-enemy and not the new young talented star who probably actually deserves the win.

No matter what you call the day, it definitely involves food!

I suggest some nontraditional game day food of stuffed peppers. Filled with spicy Chorizo sausage, rice and tomato sauce – they are big on flavor and easy to make.

(Notice my subtle nod to team colors today.)

The Recipe

2 links ( about 1- 1 1/2 cups) chorizo sausage diced small (I use a fully cooked, locally made version, but you can use your favorite…

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