Fancy That

Its funny how one little detail can take a recipe from “everyday delicious” to “fancy.”

For instance Shepard’s pie (or Cottage pie) is a fairly humble dish. Just some meat, some veggie and some potato – all layered and baked to create a comforting and hearty dish. I make this casserole on a regular basis  – in fact you can read about it here and here and here!

I recently was at an Irish pub in a British island territory on the day before Saint Patrick’s Day of all times (not by design, just by chance) and was looking for a hearty filling meal for a late lunch/early dinner after traveling all morning.

Shepard’s pie seemed just like the right thing to order. And it was delicious. Heavy and filling and comforting. Just the kind of thing you want to eat before you hit the hotel pool the next day!

What was nice about this version is they took the time to “fancy it up” by piping the potato topping on with a star tip. I think is something I need to start doing!

You be the judge…

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