See You Next Time

Just a little video with a pretty song…



Quotes of the Year

Just a little something I whipped up after reviewing all my posts in 2015… (Turn on the speakers and settle in, because it’s about 4 1/2 mins long!)

And in case you want to see some previous years… 2011 & 2012.

no videos these years but… 2013 & … too busy wrapping up my thesis at the end of 2014!

See You Next Year!

I put together a little “scrapbook” of sorts.. A year in review if you will.

A year of family, friends, good food and about 10 extra pounds.

Some of the pictures are iffy (cellphone) some of the meals weren’t great (not shown) but all of it is genuine.

…oh and be sure to turn your earbuds on… ’cause there’s music!