Steak Tips: What Are They Anyway?

You know that old question…”what would you have for your last supper?” Well mine would most certainly involve steak and tomatoes of some variety! And around New England many a folk might say “steak tips!”

It is high time we discussed this regional favorite!

What are these anyway? No one seems to really know – not even Google! In this internet age of over a million hits on any given subject, I seem to have discovered one of the last mysteries remaining on the internet. (at least culinarily)

I can tell you that they are strips of beef sold universally around New England. Most folks cut them into chunks about 2″ x 2″ for portioning and cooking. They are not the west coast “tri-tip” and they are not “flank steak” or “hanger steak” or “flat Iron” steak” – as best I can determine – they are the “tips” cut from a sirloin.

Here is an entertaining and somewhat informative discussion about what steak tips are from Chowhound.

Here is the link to

When New Englanders move to other parts, they are  known to have friends and relatives fly down with their carry-on luggage full of steak tips to satisfy their  hankering of a taste of home! (true stories)

Of course everyone has a marinade they swear by…some use a bottled salad dressing, some use a packet, some invent their own. Terriyaki style tips are very popular too. I usually just take the opportunity to use up the last bits of any vinegar-based salad dressing I might have hanging around. Or if I am making my own marinade it always involves some “Montreal steak seasoning” blend. Whatever your secret blend, no tailgate or family gathering in the summer (or anytime of the year) is complete without “tips on da grill” (typed with Massachusetts accent of course)

They are a standard on restaurant menus as well and local places have legendary followings based on their tips. Like this local joint. (And no they didn’t reimburse me for any promo consideration – but if they are reading and want give me a free dinner – I wouldn’t say no!)

Well whatever they are, I am glad I live in New England so I can eat them….

steaktips and salad
I love me a good salad,  but don’t overlook that pile of tips back there!
If anybody out there – butchers, chefs, cooks alike can enlighten me -please do so at: cabinetstewATyahooDOTcom!

Yet Another Post About Grilling

Yep it’s grilling season here in New England and yes that means an endless stream of posts about my grilling adventures! Click away if you need to, I will understand and see you back in the fall!

In the meantime I want to show you one of my favorite grill toys……The “grill basket”basket of veggies

It looks kind of like a fry basket and maybe it could serve double-duty as one. But what I like about this contraption is how I can toss and turn lots of little things or at least little cut-up things over the grill.

In this case I had smallish white mushrooms and small white pearl onions. (Pearl onions aren’t just for thanksgiving!)

Having a basket of veggies all cooking alongside your primary meat makes things easy..Just turn out onto a platter and serve!

Marinated steak tips with grilled mushrooms and onions. Garnish with fresh chopped herbs and sliced tomatoes before serving.

Marinated steak tips with grilled mushrooms and onions.
Garnish with fresh chopped herbs and sliced tomatoes before serving.

Be My Valentine

Some folks get flowers. Some get chocolates. Some just a card. Or maybe just something unexpected  – a dreaded task done for them around the house or maybe a nice dinner.

For me – it was a sandwich.

My husband knows the way to my heart is through my stomach and the best sandwich for me always involves beef and tomatoes! Of course it being February in New England – the tomatoes are fairly pathetic but any tomato is better than no tomato in my book.

Broiled Steaktips with tomatoes, spicy pepperoncini rings and crumbled feta

Broiled Steaktips with tomatoes, spicy pepperoncini rings and crumbled feta

For anybody following along…you might remember the last time I posted a love story about a very similar sandwich!

ok now you can bring on the chocolate……

Thanks Neighbor!

Recently a neighbor of ours had some extra gravel from a home improvement project so he very nicely offered it up to me. He knows I like to use the extra gravel to keep weeds at bay and neaten up some of the landscaping around the house.

So he dumped the un-used portion where it would be most convenient to spread. Thanks!

It turned out to be a huge pile!! I have definitely got some work ahead of me! So of course when I asked him if he would like anything in exchange – he is such a nice guy – he said “don’t worry about it.”

But I couldn’t help myself – what could I do to repay the favor? I decided that the best thing would be to make him dinner. As a typical bachelor and a 20+ year Army veteran (entering at 18 years old ) with 3 tours of duty in the middle east,  I am pretty sure he orders pizza more nights than not.

Dinner it would be!

A guy like that needs “man” food! Something homemade that would stick to his ribs…

Marinated Steak Tips on the grill

Fresh Corn Casserole

Warm Cheddar Biscuits

Sliced Tomato from my garden

(oh and no dishes to wash!)

The recipe

The steak tips were simply marinated in half a bottle of steak sauce, mixed with half a bottle of water and a couple squirts of Sriracha.

The biscuits came from a little blue box, but I fancied them up with a dash of Cayenne and some grated sharp cheddar. (Sorry I am not an accomplished baker – I take the help when I can.)

The fresh corn casserole was the real star of the show. I used the recipe from The Pioneer Women, but added my own touches in the form of half a medium onion diced, a couple shakes of garlic powder, some grated Asiago cheese for the top.

Weeknight Night Grill Session

What’s better than a weeknight grill session?

A weeknight fancy dessert!

We had both this past week. Looks fancy but was really easy.

I had made the potato salad the night before – boiled the little red guys and dressed simply with a combination of yogurt and low-fat mayo. Add lots of chopped celery for crunch and shallots for …well because I have a shallot addiction. Lots of flavor that included dried dill., seasoned salt, black pepper and apple cider vinegar.

The steak tips just get a standard treatment of S&P with a little red wine vinegar to liven things up. Grilled sliced onions too!

But dessert was the showstopper.

Just open up that puff pastry – you know the one already made in the freezer section – peel and slice 1 peach down the middle, add some frozen raspberries that you have in your freezer from last year’s harvest. Add some butter, sugar and a little cornstarch. Bake until yummy!