Dilly Good – Re-Mix

I may be a bit of infrequent blogger these days but I am predictable. (At least when it comes to quiche!)

As is often the case, I found myself once again with too much fresh dill in the fridge. And of course I always have Feta cheese on hands. So naturally I made a quiche. Much like my “Dilly Good” quiche from July 2016, I used potatoes in the base instead of a crust, making it more like a Tortilla Espanola” or a Spanish style potato omelet. (and gluten free) Which means I took my time slowly precooking the thin slices of potatoes in oil, over not too high a heat so they soften but not brown too much. And the same for the onions. Short of that I basically whisk up some eggs and dairy of choice (I like whole milk or half/half) and layer it all into a pie dish. Cook as you would any quiche – 40-45 mins at 400 degrees. Best served after it has cooled a bit or even room temperature.

Take a look at my process in pictures:



“Box Stew”#1

Remember when Aunt Barbara gave me that clever gift this past Christmas… “Cabinet Stew in a Box.”

Well I made the most delicious snack the other day with something from it.

I will admit that when I opened the jar of “corn-chile tomato-less salsa” … I frantically considered running out for some tomatoes since I didn’t have any on hand. At least until I see my mother again. 🙂

But I took a deep breath and told myself  “you can get thru this.”

(Small tomato addiction.)

I spread some of the salsa on a broiled/toasted tortilla; added cheese and plenty of cumin.

One more minute under the broiler and ….

Till the next snack time….