Thank You TJ’s

That is “Trader Joe’s” for the uninitiated.  I like this store for certain things – organic frozen items, unusual but healthy snack things, and prepared things like: already cooked beets or in this case already cooked lentils. Yup admitting it right here and now. I purchased precooked lentils. And I can justify the under $3 price for like 10 servings of lentils. (I already threw the box out, but it was a lot, like enough-for-a-party-lot.)

And by the time I truck over to “whole paycheck” and buy in bulk, bring them home and inevitably over cook them, I already have enjoyed a quick nutritious lunch. For several days.

It couldn’t have been simpler: A chopped sweet red pepper, some finely diced red onion, some cubed bits of cucumber, some crumbled feta and a quick dressing of oil, vinegar and Italian seasoning. What could be easier. That is why I thank TJ’s – for making my healthy eating just a little bit more convenient.

lentil salad

P.S. for some fun reading check out the raging debate over these very lentils at chowhound. Jeez these people ought to lighten up!

P.P.S. I did not receive any promotional considerations for this product review but TJ’s if you are listening.. feel free to send free stuff!


Cabinet Stew in a Box!

Recently I received the most clever Christmas gift…for my “cabinet.”

My husband’s aunt filled a box with lots of fun items from Trader Joe’s. She put in some canned goods like marinara sauce and some jarred items like corn/chile salsa and Thai curry simmer sauce. She told me…

” I don’t know what you’re going to make with all this but I know you will come up with something great!”

There was also a revolving spice rack that will single-handedly discipline my spice cabinet!

She also included a great little note with a recipe for Pasta Fagioli.

My mind started ticking immediately…the possibilities were endless.